Alissa & Alex

"Before I got engaged, hiring a wedding planner had not even occurred to me, but now that I have gone through the process with Elizabeth by my side, I cannot imagine doing it any other way. I was very impressed with her high level of professionalism - we worked with many vendors throughout the planning process, and not all of them were as professional as she. Elizabeth is very good at listening to what YOU want, and then finding a way to make it happen. She acted as a neutral third party when my fiancé and I had different ideas about how we want something to happen. With all her knowledge and experience, she could tell us why one idea might work better than the other, and we both felt very well heard by her. When she could, she pleased everyone, and when she couldn't please everyone, she helped us to understand why we should make one decision over another. Elizabeth is very good with the details and constantly brought up things I hadn't thought of. On the day of the wedding, I was completely comfortable leaving everything in her hands and the day was absolutely perfect - everything was executed flawlessly!"