Jessica & Mark

"Elizabeth was absolutely essential, on our wedding day! We hired her as our day-of coordinator and I cannot even imagine how stressful it would have been for me and my family if we had needed to deal with all the things that she took care of. I am so grateful that we were able to just be the guests of honor at our own wedding and have the amazing experience that we did. She is a black-belt crisis-handler! She talked me and my family down from crises ranging from a wedding dress that a seamstress almost ruined to a shuttle bus company that decided they had to change our contract on us the DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING to the groom forgetting to bring his dress-shirt to the wedding site. In the case of the shuttle bus company, who called me on my cell phone when wedding events were already in motion, she took the burden off of us and dealt with them directly to get the problem sorted out. She set up all of our decor and direction-signs. And when some guests mentioned that our signs had been covered up by signs for other weddings in the area, she drove back out there and repositioned ours. Throughout the whole process, she made sure that we were doing things the way WE wanted to do them. In cases where we didn't really know what we wanted to do, she gave us plenty of examples of different ways that she's seen it done, and we picked the way that sounded right to us. She helped instruct the groomsmen in putting on boutonnieres, showed the maid of honor how to fluff the wedding dress and took care of innumerable details. On top of all that, she was just a lot of fun to have around! Our wedding turned out better than we could possibly have hoped, and Elizabeth was KEY! Definitely some of the best money we spent on our wedding!"