Liz & Guy

"I cannot possibly say enough about Elizabeth and how wonderful she is! I had planned to manage the whole shebang myself and about 2 months out it occurred to me that would mean I would spend most of the day working out logistics. Which meant my Mom would be a wreck and I would be a basketcase. Enter Elizabeth and everything changed. I literally watched the stress slide off Mom's shoulders! Elizabeth says she'll do just about anything to make your wedding work.  I'm quite sure that's the case because I remember only a perfect, joyous day. I really have no clue what she was tasked with or which hurdles she had to gracefully overcome. NO CLUE AT ALL. Because she's awesome and took care of everything, as promised. I hired her as a day-of-coordinator and the only thing I would ever change is to have hired her for full planning, from day one. I kick myself a bit just thinking of all the stress I could've avoided! Elizabeth even helped us find a photographer at the last minute (4 weeks out) because our family pro had to bail. Like I said, I cannot say enough about how amazing Elizabeth is. I am still so grateful to have had her on our team."