Stephanie & Woody

"With much respect to the other awesome vendors we had, hiring Elizabeth was the best money we spent for our wedding. No doubt your caterer has done weddings before. No doubt your band has jammed late into the night and knows exactly how to keep the dance floor full. And your photographer? Total pro. But, it is extremely unlikely that all of your vendors have worked the same venue, together, at least once before your wedding.  Elizabeth is a master at planning and juggling all the moving pieces and can foresee and solve problems before they manifest.  She was our best advocate in working with our rehearsal dinner and wedding location - including rebuilding relationships when both venues had staff turnover. She proactively negotiated rates from astronomical to reasonable, and had (friendly but) STRONG WORDS with the staff on site when they tried to overcharge our guests. On top of all of that, Elizabeth was instrumental in keeping us sane when we moved across the country two weeks before our wedding—she has copies of everything and can even throw together an impromptu payment schedule for other vendors so everyone stays happy.  For the wedding itself, Elizabeth led a gaggle of family and friends in putting together bouquets and centerpieces, took care of all of the transportation and setup of wedding “stuff”, and generally kept everyone on track and on time. Elizabeth has the rare combination of taste, common sense, perspective, and wedding experience to modulate between making helpful suggestions about how to make your ideas work and downright insisting that you let go of any preconceived notions about what your wedding “should” look like when that conflicts with what you actually want. She is talented, organized, smart, and a blast to hang out with."