Ruchi & Dave

"As an extremely detail oriented bride with a love of Google docs and timelines, I thought I didn't need a day of coordinator. I've had years of event production experience — why pay someone to do something I could easily handle? Then I realized that my cloning machine wouldn't be ready in time for the wedding and without a clone, I couldn't coordinate my wedding and be totally emotionally present. Enter Elizabeth. In the end, she proved to be a hundred times better than a clone (plus she required less R&D.) Elizabeth relieved any doubts I had about giving up control by showing up, kicking ass, and taking names. After our walk through with Elizabeth and our vendors, we knew we had made the right decision by hiring her. She took complete control of the meeting, soothing nervous parents and handling difficult vendors with ease. Elizabeth also proved incredibly capable at processing the deluge of information we threw at her. Not a single detail got forgotten. And when we forgot things, Elizabeth was there to remind us of the things we forgot, or to calmly problem solve if it was too late for reminders. The truth is, I don't actually know all the things Elizabeth did for us the day of our wedding. And I'm profoundly grateful that I don't. Having Elizabeth problem solve behind the scenes allowed me to be completely, totally, and joyfully present at our wedding. In sum, hiring Elizabeth = best decision ever."