Tracy & Leo

"Basic tenets you want out of a planner: responsiveness, resourcefulness, and ideas without judgment. We could rely on Elizabeth. She was easy to reach, she hit deliverables, and she was prepared for our ongoing meetings.  This was also true for the wedding itself, keeping us on schedule and adjusting to unexpected events. Responsiveness – check. Elizabeth was resourceful. As one example, we needed a way to get guests from the reception to a bar for the after party. Stuck between making our guests find a cab themselves and paying for a shuttle service that we might not need, Elizabeth suggested that we use Uber to provide guests dependable transportation that we could pay as we needed. And it worked out nicely. This was one example when Elizabeth had a plan B or contact to meet our needs. Resourcefulness – check. Elizabeth honored and embraced every nontraditional element we brought into the plan. In elements when we needed ideas, she had suggestions that we could leave or take.  I did not have strong opinions about what my groomsmen wore, and she suggested cardigans. Tracy and I liked it, so we stole the idea (and only now am I giving Elizabeth credit).She was patient in our indecisiveness and accepting of our quirky ideas. Ideas without judgment – check. Last, Elizabeth gave us one a really memorable moment. Per her suggestion, we served cake to our guests, and in doing so, we were able to speak to and show our appreciation to all of our guests without straying from each other or getting lost in conversation. I will not forget those moments! In short, Tracy and I relied heavily on Elizabeth for advice on etiquette, logistics, and—admittedly—style. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends, so congrats on finding a life partner and Elizabeth!"