on weddings, and perfection

I spent the weekend in Napa, attending* the wedding of a dear friend of mine from high school and her super fantastic British boyfriend husband. It was exactly everything that a wedding should be – totally and completely full of joy.

And nothing else really matters. While everything at this wedding was beautiful, and organized, and delicious, they didn’t try to set any trends, or get into any magazines. They married each other, surrounded by their community, and they worked hard to make sure that their community was going to be comfortable, and well fed, and entertained, because those are the kind of things that are important to them. But in the end what made this wedding perfect (yep, I just used that word) is that every single person there was just so damn happy. Especially the bride and groom, both of whom were literally glowing. That is what matters, people. And let me tell you, it is a blessing to get to be around that kind of love and joy.

*as a non-working guest – the only time this will happen in 2011.

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