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Long Beach Wedding :: Liz & Norio

Liz and Norio got married in the middle of a Southern California heatwave that caused us to push the ceremony back to after cocktail hour so that their guests would be out of the sun. They created one of the hands down most personal, meaningful inter-faith ceremonies I’ve had the honor of witnessing, and followed [...]

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Ample modern photo frame

I’ve been obsessed with Ample furniture for a while, their Modern Floor Lamp is at the very top of my wishlist. I was just over browsing their etsy store, and spotted their new modern photo frame: You provide the image, they take care of the rest. Awesome way to display the one, abstracted wedding photo [...]

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I was just looking through the photos from a wedding I coordinated last month and I had to share this one immediately: More to come once I finish blogging all of the 2011 weddings! photo: the always incredible Christina Richards

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Melody & Mark’s Brazilian Room Wedding

SO, finally time to catch up on weddings from this past fall! I’m going to try to blog all of the weddings from last year that I have professional photos from (and haven’t blogged already) over the next few weeks… going through them all again has been a great reminder of how much of a [...]

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pet lion

I have always half-joked that I want a pet lion or tiger – imagine the reactions you would get when it walked into a room full of guests during a party. While I understand that keeping a [large, dangerous] wild animal as a pet is actually a terrible idea on many levels, I’m not gonna [...]

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Do All the Good That You Can

I love this photo by Christina Richards, and am pretty sure that a print of it is going to have to make its way into my collection at some point: The sign above the door reads: “Do all the good that you can/to all the people you can/in every way you can/as long as you [...]

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Alissa & Alex’s Brazilian Room Wedding

The first of the pro-photos came back from the wedding I did on June 12, and they are gorgeous. Carmen Alvarez was a true dream of a photographer to work with, and she did an amazing job of capturing the utter joy of this wedding. Also – one reason to think about getting married at [...]

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