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Lowe House in Los Angeles

I am so happy to finally announce this – we’re expanding to serve the Los Angeles area wedding market! Starting immediately, Lowe House Events is offering free travel for weddings in the greater LA area, and I (Elizabeth) will personally be down there every 4-6 weeks starting in late September to meet with clients in [...]

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I have bathroom tile on the mind these days, and the image I always come back to is this one: White, black and grey. Classic & timeless, will never feel dated, which in my opinion is what one should aim for with difficult-to-change things like tile. photo: Chloe Sevigny’s bathroom, originally from a Glamour Magazine [...]

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Elisa Solomon rings

Catbird in Brooklyn is one of my favorite jewelry stores (I wear their heart ring and four of their alphabet earrings literally every day.) While I pretty much covet their entire inventory, I’m really loving these new Elisa Solomon rings they’re carrying – the Ancienne Diamond Ring (left) and the Ancienne Infinite Love Ring (right.) [...]

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thank yous

I like to make birthday resolutions every year*, and I generally like to keep them simple. This year my resolution is to send more thank you notes – it’s something I’ve been intermittently good at throughout my life, and it’s time to be consistently good at it. Because the only thing better than getting something [...]

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looking up

Sometimes, my friends, it is good to spend time lying on your back in the grass, looking up at the sky through a tree. I think that as adults we collectively don’t do this enough – let’s work on changing that. Have a lovely weekend!

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Favorite Things: Kate Spade Darla wallet

When my last wallet (which was actually a vinyl West Elm business card case) wore out this winter, I started looking for something to replace it with. I had very specific requirements – very small, with an integrated keychain, and, of course, it had to be pretty. The only thing I could find that fit [...]

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