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Karen & Stephen’s 40th Anniversary Party

Somehow in the middle of wedding season I managed to throw a party (along with my sister) for my parent’s 40th anniversary. Forty is the “ruby” anniversary, so we decked out the venue (the Piedmont Community Center, chosen in no small part for the fact that my parents can walk there from their house) in [...]

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A Baby Shower for Alissa

I planned Alissa and Alex’s wedding last year, and I was so thrilled to find out this winter that she’s pregnant with their first baby, who’s due in mid-July. I’ve known Alissa since I was seventeen (I dated a close childhood friend of hers, and she and I stayed friends after he and I broke [...]

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poured votives

just a little PSA to say that this is one of the the best prices I’ve seen for poured-in-glass candles around (poured-in is easier than separate candle & glass by nature of less moving parts. they also tend to burn longer. whoever is setting up and lighting your candles will thank you for using them.) [...]

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a few things I really liked from the last week or so: these snakeskin print velvet flats from daniblack. which are as comfortable as they are rad. buying tickets for my next trip – Chicago in February! (because apparently I’m a masochist – it’s very possible that I hate cold weather more than anyone in [...]

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homemade crackers

I started making homemade crackers a few years ago, and let me tell you – if you want something to bring to a potluck that will both impress people and take very little time or effort*? This is your dish. I started with this recipe from Mark Bittman, and it’s pretty delicious as is, but [...]

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On Birthdays and New York

Two weeks ago I took a super quick trip to New York, in celebration of my birthday and for my first non-working-vacation in several years (I actually travel fairly frequently, I just always work at least part time while I’m doing it.) This birthday was feeling kind of angsty* for me, so I decided to [...]

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I Think It’s Raining

My little sister Alexandra made a movie, and it’s US Premier is next month in San Francisco! Alexandra is the lead actor, shares the story credit with the writer/director Joshua Moore, and performs several original songs that she wrote and recorded for the film (um, it’s not a musical, but there’s lots of music in [...]

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Yay New York! the aftermath

I’m sitting on the airplane (internet at 10,000 feet is still amazing to me) making my way back to California, and realizing that it’s been five days since Yay New York!, and I still haven’t managed to quite wrap my head around it. One thing for sure is that it was amazing. Another thing is [...]

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New York!

I’m heading to the airport in 15 minutes to fly to New York for Yay New York! I probably won’t be online much, but will definitely be posting about the event afterwards (as well as the wedding I did this past weekend, which was awesome.) See you on the flip side! And, if you haven’t [...]

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Yay New York! details

check em out over at APW. And don’t forget to buy your tickets!

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