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Ample modern photo frame

I’ve been obsessed with Ample furniture for a while, their Modern Floor Lamp is at the very top of my wishlist. I was just over browsing their etsy store, and spotted their new modern photo frame: You provide the image, they take care of the rest. Awesome way to display the one, abstracted wedding photo [...]

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How is it November already? Somethings that have been going on/catching my eye I love Caitlin Wilson Textiles new collection (pictured above), and just need to decide which of the pillows to buy for the sofa in my new office. This OBB post on having an “unplugged” wedding isn’t new, but it’s worth drawing attention [...]

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pretty cords

I’m setting up a new office (photos probably won’t be ready for a few months, as I just ordered a sofa that’s going to take 10 weeks to arrive) and so have been spending my precious late-night non-working hours browsing the internet for accessories. Though they’re out of my price range, I’m really loving these [...]

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The Carrier

I need a new bag for fall, as I’ve been carrying canvas tote bags all summer and they always start to seem too casual when closed toe shoes start to become a necessity. I’ve long been a fan of waxed canvas, and have a Moop bag from 2007 that I still like, so I’m currently [...]

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Yay New York Tote Bags!

Oh, the marriage equality totes are here, and they are awesome. I’ve been carrying mine around since Monday, and it’s kind of my favorite new thing. And they are selling out super quickly, so get yours while the getting is good. shop here. photo of Meg & me sitting at a bar in fancy shoes: [...]

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summer nailpolish & the best macarons ever

I think that nail polish is one of the cheapest and most fun accessories out there, and so can be found wearing it the vast majority of the time (quite a while ago I spent some time and got really good at painting my own nails – 1 bottle of nailpolish will get you… a [...]

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Favorite Things: Kate Spade Darla wallet

When my last wallet (which was actually a vinyl West Elm business card case) wore out this winter, I started looking for something to replace it with. I had very specific requirements – very small, with an integrated keychain, and, of course, it had to be pretty. The only thing I could find that fit [...]

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Have you seen Miss Natalie‘s new line Canoe yet? Featuring vintage American work wear along with hand tooled leather goods, it’s really great stuff. At the moment I’m particularly eyeing this keychain – I think my keys could use a makeover for summer. (what? you don’t accessorize your keys seasonally?) I miss running into Natalie [...]

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There Is Thunder In Our Hearts

I am a tote bag whore. I have so many that it gets a little silly at times, but tell me: is there anything more useful than a tote bag? I think not. I use them year round for well, toting stuff, but in the summer I also tend use one instead of a purse. [...]

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