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Yay 2014!

While I’m not a big fan of holidays in general (they often feel a little forced to me) I actually love the turning over of the calendar every year – it makes things feel fresh, which is especially needed in winter, even one as sunny and dry as the one we’re currently getting in the [...]

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Hey January

Can someone please explain how it’s January 23rd already? Some random things for you: I haven’t actually tried them yet, but I’m excited about this line of colorful compostable ware from Susty Party. Made out of starch and grass fiber, in the US. Rad. (pictured above) If you haven’t seen Dan Savage’s brilliant column on [...]

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goals and keywords

I, like many people, used to make long lists of New Year’s resolutions that, like many people, I would let fall by the wayside in approximately February. So I started doing things a little differently a few years ago – setting one easily achievable goal for the year, and then picking a keyword for myself [...]

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happy new years!

Oh my has this been a year or what? Looking forward to all of the things that next year will bring. Here’s to hoping for lots of wonderfulness for everyone in 2012!

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catching up

It started raining right on time this year, and I’m left feeling a little like I don’t know where exactly summer went. This wedding season has been an amazing but intense one for me (it’s was my first one doing events full time… this weekend will be my 12th wedding in the past 10 consecutive [...]

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The 4th of July is my favorite holiday, and I have been so busy that I forgot about it until Wednesday. Busy with the thirteen weddings I still have coming up in 2011 (not to mention the half dozen I’m already working on for 2012,) busy with a big currently-secret project that I am so [...]

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looking up

Sometimes, my friends, it is good to spend time lying on your back in the grass, looking up at the sky through a tree. I think that as adults we collectively don’t do this enough – let’s work on changing that. Have a lovely weekend!

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