catching up

It started raining right on time this year, and I’m left feeling a little like I don’t know where exactly summer went. This wedding season has been an amazing but intense one for me (it’s was my first one doing events full time… this weekend will be my 12th wedding in the past 10 consecutive weekends) and I’ve fallen behind in other areas, like keeping up this blog. Some things I’ve seen around the internet that I loved over the past while:

I’m looking forward to having a little more time to read, work on personal projects, and see my friends as we go into the off season (although, the truth is that it won’t really be very “off” as I’m already working on a ton of weddings for 2012!) And, as always, I’m going to be working on trying to find something to enjoy about colder, wetter, weather, which is always a big effort for me (because if I was the queen of the universe, every day would be 75°F and sunny.)

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