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Magenta World Map

These Are Things makes pretty awesome prints in general, but I’m really loving this World Map in Magenta: Come on, how rad would that look above your fireplace? photo: These Are Things

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new office

I moved my office into it’s own space about a month ago, and things are slowly coming together. I hope to have final before and after photos in a few weeks, but for now here’s a peek: Best thing about having a dedicated office? I don’t cuddle with my laptop & client files anymore. Because [...]

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How is it November already? Somethings that have been going on/catching my eye I love Caitlin Wilson Textiles new collection (pictured above), and just need to decide which of the pillows to buy for the sofa in my new office. This OBB post on having an “unplugged” wedding isn’t new, but it’s worth drawing attention [...]

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cloud collectors

I’ve long loved Paul Octavious‘s work, and I’m really digging this print he put in his shop a few weeks ago. dreamy, no? image: Paul Octavious

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Do All the Good That You Can

I love this photo by Christina Richards, and am pretty sure that a print of it is going to have to make its way into my collection at some point: The sign above the door reads: “Do all the good that you can/to all the people you can/in every way you can/as long as you [...]

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rock collections

I am really digging these rock collections by Cori Kindred. The perfect thing to slip onto a bookshelf, or place on top of a dresser along with some framed photos. photo: Cori Kindred originally found via Emily P-S

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found baseballs

One of my favorite things about summer (if you’re not getting the picture, I really love every single thing about summer) is that it’s baseball season. I realize that a lot of people out there think they don’t like baseball, but let me tell you why you should give it another chance. 1) It’s played [...]

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Rob Ryan bunting

I’m a big fan of British paper-cutting artist Rob Ryan. I’ve known about, (and bought things from) his etsy store for a long time, but just found out about his collection at Heal’s, which includes this pretty amazing looking bunting. It just might possibly be worth the pound conversion + shipping from the UK: I [...]

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Lee Price

Beacon, NY based painter Lee Price‘s work is incredible – I’m especially digging her series of women (a woman? her?) eating in the bathtub. I would love to hang one of these in my dining room (check out the sizes – they’re deliciously huge.) images: Lee Price (originally found via… somewhere)

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love this new painting by Michelle Armas. Her work is gorgeous – I’m determined to own one of her large pieces one day. (giant art makes me happy) “Cave” by Michelle Armas

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