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Ample modern photo frame

I’ve been obsessed with Ample furniture for a while, their Modern Floor Lamp is at the very top of my wishlist. I was just over browsing their etsy store, and spotted their new modern photo frame: You provide the image, they take care of the rest. Awesome way to display the one, abstracted wedding photo [...]

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new office

I moved my office into it’s own space about a month ago, and things are slowly coming together. I hope to have final before and after photos in a few weeks, but for now here’s a peek: Best thing about having a dedicated office? I don’t cuddle with my laptop & client files anymore. Because [...]

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Mountain Label bunting

This handmade bunting, available via Tiny Showcase, is adorable. Which brings up the issue: Do I think that bunting is ‘overplayed’? Without a doubt. That said, do I still think it’s a really fun way to decorate a party or house? For sure. I really wish that everyone would get over wanting to make their [...]

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mercury glass votive holders

I’m really digging these mercury glass votive holders right now it’s a great example of mixing similar but not identical objects. Currently on sale for $4/each at West Elm. photo: West Elm

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Pretty Organizing: bathroom edition

I have learned, through much trial and error, that for me to keep things organized two things are required: 1) everything must have a very specific place and 2) it must be pretty. The second one is obviously not universal, but as an incredibly visual person who probably cares too much about aesthetics, the truth [...]

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Rob Ryan bunting

I’m a big fan of British paper-cutting artist Rob Ryan. I’ve known about, (and bought things from) his etsy store for a long time, but just found out about his collection at Heal’s, which includes this pretty amazing looking bunting. It just might possibly be worth the pound conversion + shipping from the UK: I [...]

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