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The Caliber Collection

These bracelets are making the rounds, and I really couldn’t love them anymore. As someone who lives Oakland, a city that, like Newark, is deeply affected by gun violence, I am and will continue to be a vocal supporter of passing much tighter gun laws, as well as of gun buy back programs like the [...]

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Happy Friday!

It’s summer! Which is both my favorite time of year (I start waiting for it to roll around again the second it ends every year) and my busiest time of year. I have so many good weddings coming up in the next five months that I can’t wait. In the meantime, some miscellany: loved this: [...]

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Elisa Solomon rings

Catbird in Brooklyn is one of my favorite jewelry stores (I wear their heart ring and four of their alphabet earrings literally every day.) While I pretty much covet their entire inventory, I’m really loving these new Elisa Solomon rings they’re carrying – the Ancienne Diamond Ring (left) and the Ancienne Infinite Love Ring (right.) [...]

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forget-me-nots and a skull

One of my clients has one of the best less-than-traditional engagement rings I’ve ever seen. I mean, take a look at this: Gorgeous, no? The eyes are rubies (that actually do match perfectly, the difference in color is just from the lighting in the photos the bride and I took quickly this weekend) and there [...]

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shark teeth

am I the only one who thinks that these would go with absolutely everything I own? *love* Hello, name’s Bruce earrings from Tiffany Chou

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really loving these Rope Knot Bracelets made by Tanya AguiƱiga, available from Poketo. Thinking that one of them might just be the summer accessory I’ve been looking for… Photos: Poketo

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