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Buying Booze for Your Wedding

Last week I pretty much brain dumped everything I know about alcohol and weddings into one big post over at A Practical Wedding. This is one of the topics clients ask me about the most, so hopefully will be helpful to everyone out there currently planning! photo: Hart & Sol West

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Kate & Richard’s Romantic Napa Wedding

Kate & Richard got married on Kate’s family’s property up in Northern Napa, and you can see from the photos why they chose this amazing location. It was a beautiful weekend, full of family, friends, music, and really great food. Hog Island Oyster bar? Yes please. The wedding was catered by Back to Earth, who [...]

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A Baby Shower for Alissa

I planned Alissa and Alex’s wedding last year, and I was so thrilled to find out this winter that she’s pregnant with their first baby, who’s due in mid-July. I’ve known Alissa since I was seventeen (I dated a close childhood friend of hers, and she and I stayed friends after he and I broke [...]

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chocolatish peanutish cookies

When I don’t feel that I can really help someone in a concrete way, I end up baking a lot – it’s a particular kind of stress release that makes me feel like I’m at least helping… in thought. A good friend of mine is in middle of what’s turned out to be a long [...]

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homemade crackers

I started making homemade crackers a few years ago, and let me tell you – if you want something to bring to a potluck that will both impress people and take very little time or effort*? This is your dish. I started with this recipe from Mark Bittman, and it’s pretty delicious as is, but [...]

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Roxy & Dave

On Sunday I got the spend an awesome day up in Tilden Park coordinating Roxy & Dave’s wedding. It was awesome – a food truck catered picnic, which well, I have been excited about since they first contacted me in May and told me their wedding plans. The weather was pretty close to perfect, albeit [...]

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fancy jello shots

While I’m not quite sure how I feel about these being a wedding trend, I definitely feel like I would like to try some of these fancy jello shots. Regular ones taste so terrible, but I’m assuming these wouldn’t: I mean, come on, that looks delicious. Right? photo: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Jell-ing Classic Cocktails-One [...]

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summer nailpolish & the best macarons ever

I think that nail polish is one of the cheapest and most fun accessories out there, and so can be found wearing it the vast majority of the time (quite a while ago I spent some time and got really good at painting my own nails – 1 bottle of nailpolish will get you… a [...]

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avocado + balsamic + salt

This is my favorite lunch* of the moment. A ripe avocado + good balsamic vinegar (I’m currently really loving B.R. Cohn’s 25 year balsamic) + a generous dose of salt. It’s perfection. *I’m generally more of a snacker than a meal eater. It works well with my kind-of-hungry-all-the-time-but-not-very-hungry-anytime appetite. And with the fact that I [...]

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Chicago, the end

Since I was semi-laid up with a cold, my last few days in Chicago were relatively laid back. Lots of hanging out at the apartment with forays out for food and drinks. We had dinner Sunday night at the Publican, which was *incredible.* The blood sausage with latkes was especially killer, and their beer selection [...]

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