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Charlie’s little brother Brad, who I have known since he was 11 or 12, is all grown up now and planning on going to pastry school in the fall (he is currently an engineer, and I think it is so awesome that he’s choosing to pursue his passion at such an early age.) Brad brought [...]

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Chicago, part 3

Chicago, part 3, has involved waking up to the full blown version of the cold I felt was coming.* So, after we dropped Kim off at something work related this morning I made Charlie search with me for a Chinese restaurant so I could try and blast it with hot and sour soup. Which helped [...]

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Caffe Streets

Charlie took me to Caffe Streets today because he knew that I would love the design of the interior. He was right – it is probably the prettiest coffee shop I’ve ever been in.  The lighting is particularly fantastic. (the coffee was also stellar. and I love their cups.)

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Chicago, part 2

Part Two: Adventures in Chicago has involved everything that a good trip should involve, namely food, drinks, people. Those three things are really all I ever actually go on vacation for. Highlights from the last 24 hours have included: late night whiskey at Longman and Eagle, lunch at Belly Shack, way too much coffee (including [...]

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Chicago, part 1

Just as it finally got into the 70s at home, I decided to get on a plane and head to Chicago, where it is very much still winter (well, to me at least. Everyone who lives somewhere remotely cold is laughing at me right now for thinking that this is winter.) It’s OK though, I [...]

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