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Yay 2014!

While I’m not a big fan of holidays in general (they often feel a little forced to me) I actually love the turning over of the calendar every year – it makes things feel fresh, which is especially needed in winter, even one as sunny and dry as the one we’re currently getting in the [...]

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Remembering Weekends

This weekend is my first one completely off (no weddings, no meetings, no site visits, nothing) since early March, so I’m heading to the beach to catch up on some sleep, some socializing, and some sunshine (although I may be planning to shoot a tutorial on signature cocktails, so it’s not like my workaholic tendencies have completely [...]

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Summer is by far my favorite time of year – somehow it makes everything feel more possible. Of course, summer also means busy season when you work in the wedding industry, and so I tend to spend it working overtime, last year to such a degree that I ended up feeling like I missed it [...]

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  Last week I bought a house. It’s still pretty surreal. It was a short sale, and I’d been in contract for over six months by the time we closed. It’s small (although feels huge to me), in what people refer to as a “transitional” neighborhood, needs a lot of painting and other cosmetic work, [...]

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Karen & Stephen’s 40th Anniversary Party

Somehow in the middle of wedding season I managed to throw a party (along with my sister) for my parent’s 40th anniversary. Forty is the “ruby” anniversary, so we decked out the venue (the Piedmont Community Center, chosen in no small part for the fact that my parents can walk there from their house) in [...]

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plants & time

A close family friend gave me a Marginata palm/Madagascar Dragon tree as a housewarming present back in 2006 – the photo on the left was taken shortly after that. The photo on the right was taken two and a half years later, in 2009. And here’s the same plant today, in 2013 (it desperately needs [...]

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oh hey! Things have been crazy lately – wedding season wrapped up for the year, I took my first non-working vacation in two years, friends have had babies who have needed to be adored (holding babies: one of my favorite things), and I moved (locally. pictured above). I have tons of good 2012 weddings to [...]

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Tracy & Jeff

I just got back last night from a quick trip to New York for my college roommate’s wedding. It was literally a whirlwind, and I’ll be writing about it in more detail once the reception photos are back, but I woke up this morning after my first full night’s sleep since Monday, thinking how damn [...]

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let the stars fall where they may

I just realized that I didn’t update this blog once the entire month of August. I generally don’t get too personal here, but this summer has been hard. Work has been amazing (so, so many good weddings to share) but consuming (I’m averaging 70-80 hours a week, and am currently in the middle of seventeen [...]

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Happy Friday!

It’s summer! Which is both my favorite time of year (I start waiting for it to roll around again the second it ends every year) and my busiest time of year. I have so many good weddings coming up in the next five months that I can’t wait. In the meantime, some miscellany: loved this: [...]

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