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I Think It’s Raining – New York

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that my little sister is an actress. Her first feature length indie film, I Think It’s Raining, premiered last summer, and next month it’s finally screening in New York (where she lives.) If you’re in town you should go check it out [...]

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it’s finally starting to feel like spring is here, and I am so ready for it that I can’t even stand it (although I actually only like spring because it means that summer is almost here. I live for summer, and literally start waiting for it to come back in October every year.) Spring also [...]

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Chicago! 2012

I got home last night from Chicago, which over the last few years has definitely earned its place as one of my favorite cities in the world. I was in town to visit my best friend Charlie, although he kept joking that I was just crashing with him while on a business trip. The photo [...]

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on Travel

Over the holidays, someone in my family commented that I travel a lot, and everyone else immediately chimed in to agree. To which I cried foul, because, well, I really don’t think of myself as someone who travels that much. Last year I made one trip to Chicago, and two to New York. The year [...]

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goals and keywords

I, like many people, used to make long lists of New Year’s resolutions that, like many people, I would let fall by the wayside in approximately February. So I started doing things a little differently a few years ago – setting one easily achievable goal for the year, and then picking a keyword for myself [...]

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thank yous

I like to make birthday resolutions every year*, and I generally like to keep them simple. This year my resolution is to send more thank you notes – it’s something I’ve been intermittently good at throughout my life, and it’s time to be consistently good at it. Because the only thing better than getting something [...]

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On Birthdays and New York

Two weeks ago I took a super quick trip to New York, in celebration of my birthday and for my first non-working-vacation in several years (I actually travel fairly frequently, I just always work at least part time while I’m doing it.) This birthday was feeling kind of angsty* for me, so I decided to [...]

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I’m heading to New York tomorrow night to see friends and celebrate my birthday (four different friends are flying in from different parts of the country for the party on Saturday, and my many New York based friends have been helping pull things together like champions. I am so lucky to have the friends I [...]

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How is it November already? Somethings that have been going on/catching my eye I love Caitlin Wilson Textiles new collection (pictured above), and just need to decide which of the pillows to buy for the sofa in my new office. This OBB post on having an “unplugged” wedding isn’t new, but it’s worth drawing attention [...]

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Last weekend I wrapped up my year’s main wedding season (I still have four to go before 2011 ends, but they’re spread out. Also, last weekend’s wedding was absolutely stunning – look for a post on it soon) and pretty much immediately headed out of town to catch up on email, paperwork, and sleep. All [...]

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