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Over the holidays, someone in my family commented that I travel a lot, and everyone else immediately chimed in to agree. To which I cried foul, because, well, I really don’t think of myself as someone who travels that much. Last year I made one trip to Chicago, and two to New York. The year before was about the same, plus a trip to Mexico. However, the comment resulted in making me want to be someone who travels a lot (hilariously, because it wasn’t meant as one, I chose to take it as a challenge.)

So – a goal for this year is to spend at least one night a month in another city. Because I’m far from rich, I’m going to allow work trips to other parts of California to count, which my spring and summer are already fairly full of. And when I really started looking at my calendar I’m almost there! Current trips I already have planned for this year include:

  • February: Chicago
  • April: Las Vegas & New York
  • May: Solvang & Sonoma (and possibly New York again)
  • June: Sonoma
  • July: Napa, and hopefully Longbarn
  • August: Half Moon Bay
  • September: Sonoma
  • October: New York
  • November: New York (yes, again!) & Philadelphia

Which means I need to get myself somewhere this month and make sure to plan something for next December. In March I’m hoping to fit in a long weekend in LA, because it’s been far too long (at least two years) since I’ve been down there.

I’d like to note that all of this is domestic travel, and the majority of it is local travel (more than one but less than three hours in a car = local travel.) My poor passport is feeling very neglected these days, but it’s unfortunately looking like it’s going to stay that way for a while…

So, some objective opinions – do I travel a lot? Do you want to travel more? Where are the top destinations on your list of placed to go (one of mine, oddly, is Antarctica, and has been for more than a decade.)

photo: from my last trip to New York, via my iPhone

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