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I Think It’s Raining

My little sister Alexandra made a movie, and it’s US Premier is next month in San Francisco! Alexandra is the lead actor, shares the story credit with the writer/director Joshua Moore, and performs several original songs that she wrote and recorded for the film (um, it’s not a musical, but there’s lots of music in [...]

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on Pink Ribbons

notice: the post below is a bit of a rant, and contains some not-so-polite language. Others with similar opinions have written on this topic before, so I’m not trying to break any ground, but I feel strongly that this conversation is not one we’re having enough, and I want to do what I can to [...]

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Yay New York! the aftermath

I’m sitting on the airplane (internet at 10,000 feet is still amazing to me) making my way back to California, and realizing that it’s been five days since Yay New York!, and I still haven’t managed to quite wrap my head around it. One thing for sure is that it was amazing. Another thing is [...]

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New York!

I’m heading to the airport in 15 minutes to fly to New York for Yay New York! I probably won’t be online much, but will definitely be posting about the event afterwards (as well as the wedding I did this past weekend, which was awesome.) See you on the flip side! And, if you haven’t [...]

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back from workcation

Things have been crazy lately – I’m getting ready for a SUPER busy August and September, as well as for Yay New York!, tickets to which are going on sale tomorrow! But I got to spend last week working from the beach, which was as much of a vacation as I’m going to get until [...]

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yay weekend!

I’m technically on vacation in the middle of nowhere right now, but had a few work things to wrap up so am spending some time at what might be the world’s cutest cafe, which, at 15 minutes away from where we’re staying is the closest wifi spot. I love coming up here, since the only [...]

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on finding joy

Oh my, have I had a week. This past Sunday was a dear friend’s wedding, which was the culmination of 14 months of planning work for me, and it was fantastic. Because it was so wonderful, and because I had been on a major adrenaline high for most of the day, Monday was, well, less [...]

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cold busting

I’m fighting a cold, and so took a break yesterday to sit and stare at the ocean for a while. Very little makes me feel better than being near the Pacific, especially when a day that started out raining buckets ends up looking like this by lunch time. What are your best cold prevention/busting tips? [...]

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on weddings, and perfection

I spent the weekend in Napa, attending* the wedding of a dear friend of mine from high school and her super fantastic British boyfriend husband. It was exactly everything that a wedding should be – totally and completely full of joy. And nothing else really matters. While everything at this wedding was beautiful, and organized, [...]

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90th Birthday

We celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday over the weekend. It was simple and small, and really very lovely. I have been incredibly lucky to have him as my grandfather – he has been the very essence of loving & supportive since the day that I was born. My sister and I are the only grandchildren [...]

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