it’s finally starting to feel like spring is here, and I am so ready for it that I can’t even stand it (although I actually only like spring because it means that summer is almost here. I live for summer, and literally start waiting for it to come back in October every year.) Spring also means that wedding season is getting into swing, so I have been swamped with work lately. That said, I’m so excited for all of this year’s weddings – they are going to be some great ones. Some other random things:

  • oh hey, I bet you wondered what my take on pre-nups was, didn’t you? (no, I don’t actually think anyone has wondered this.) well, I guest posted over on A Practical Wedding about it!
  • I’ve been on Pinterest for a while (you can find me here) but it’s getting a lot more fun as more people join. Email me if you want an invite!
  • my mom also wrote a post for APW, on money and my parents’ almost-40 year marriage. Check it out here!
  • I love these Rules Of Dinner from Dinner: A Love Story (which is a great blog, even if you don’t have kids or cook.) Personally I think they’re good rules even if you’re eating with a group of adults.
  • next week I’ll be in both Vegas (for a cousin’s wedding!) and New York (my sister is directing a play! free tickets here) and even though the travel schedule, especially on top of my work schedule, is making my head hurt a little right now, it’s going to be good to get out of my work-round-the-clock mode and see family and friends.

photo: the giant, many-decades old wisteria the grows along the deck at my parent’s house. every April it explodes with flowers, which is one of my favorite signs of spring.

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