homemade crackers

I started making homemade crackers a few years ago, and let me tell you – if you want something to bring to a potluck that will both impress people and take very little time or effort*? This is your dish.

I started with this recipe from Mark Bittman, and it’s pretty delicious as is, but the best part is that it is SO easy to modify. My favorite (and almost always the biggest hit) flavor of crackers to make is lemon-pepper – simply halve the amount of parmesan cheese, add lemon zest from either 2-3 large lemons or 4-5 small ones, and a really generous amount of rough ground black pepper. Other great additions: sage, rosemary (add the fresh herbs to the food processor before the liquid,) sesame and/or poppy seed (add a handful to the dough and then press more into the top before baking.) I’ve also replaced half the cheese with slivered almonds before, and while it doesn’t make much of a flavor different, it makes the texture a little more crumbly, which is actually somehow great.

*note: you need a food processor for these. also: food processors rock.

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