Hey January

Can someone please explain how it’s January 23rd already? Some random things for you:

  • I haven’t actually tried them yet, but I’m excited about this line of colorful compostable ware from Susty Party. Made out of starch and grass fiber, in the US. Rad. (pictured above)
  • If you haven’t seen Dan Savage’s brilliant column on weddings yet, go check it out.
  • It’s a few months old, but Jessica Valenti’s post, She Who Dies With the Most ‘Likes’ Wins?, is a brilliant must read for everyone. “The truth is that we don’t need everyone to like us, we need a few people to love us. Because what’s better than being roundly liked is being fully known—an impossibility both professionally and personally if you’re so busy being likable that you forget to be yourself.”
  • I wrote a piece over at APW on the dreaded Wedding Budget, and answered questions in the comments -  hopefully both are helpful if you’re currently in the thick of things!
  • Great advice when it comes to your home – “Go Ahead and Make a Mistake” via Apartment Therapy
  • Looking for non-cupcake like (or bank breaking?) flower girl dresses? I put together a board full of them over on Pinterest.
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