The 4th of July is my favorite holiday, and I have been so busy that I forgot about it until Wednesday. Busy with the thirteen weddings I still have coming up in 2011 (not to mention the half dozen I’m already working on for 2012,) busy with a big currently-secret project that I am so excited about and should be announced next week, and busy with life. Trying to catch up with old friends and hang out with new ones, working to find the time to fit a little bit of joy into every single day, even the ones where I end up working for twelve hours (luckily I have discovered that sitting outside in the sunshine while working completely and totally counts as a joyful activity.)

And through all of it, this quote keeps running through the back of my mind – because, my friends, life really is about saying yes. And when you remember that, and you do it, and you have faith in yourself and in the people around you? That’s when things get pretty awesome.

“The thing is, I really like saying yes. I like new things, projects, plans, getting people together and doing something, trying something, even when it’s corny or stupid. I am not good at saying no. And I do not get along with people who say no. When you die, and it really could be this afternoon, under the same bus wheels I’ll stick my head if need be, you will not be happy about having said no. You will be kicking your ass about all the no’s you’ve said. No to that opportunity, or no to that trip to Nova Scotia or no to that night out, or no to that project or no to that person who wants to be naked with you but you worry about what your friends will say.

No is for wimps. No is for pussies. No is to live small and embittered, cherishing the opportunities you missed because they might have sent the wrong message.”

-Dave Eggers

So, here’s to yes, to spending time in the sunshine, and to happy holiday weekends everywhere!

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