So, I have preface this by saying that overall I am not enamored with BHLDN, Anthropologie’s much touted new-ish wedding line. Mainly because I find it way overpriced, and secondly because I feel like it’s quickly become (or started out as?) another arm of the indie-WIC conspiracy to make you feel like your wedding needs to look like a magazine spread. Also – the lack of vowels in their name. That said, I am actually a fan of a few of their new pieces (although even though these are on their more reasonable end, I’m still not a huge fan of the prices):

Modern Mythology Gown, $1,400.00 and Tulle Tiers Skirt, $800.00

As we know, I’m a lover of non-strapless dresses, and this one seems pretty and like it could work in a variety of wedding situations. It’s also all silk & cotton which means you could dye it afterwards (hot pink?) and have a pretty awesome party dress. And I can’t help thinking that the right girl could really rock the skirt on the right with a cotton t-shirt or tank top (a la Sharon Stone at the ’96 Oscars) instead of a matchy top that makes it look like a dress (I mean, what is the point of a skirt if you’re going to disguise it as a dress?)

images: BHLDN

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