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books I’ve read lately – July 2011

Heartburn by Nora Ephron. Darling, smart, funny, quick read. A perfect intelligent beach vacation book. “(…That’s how bourgeois I am: at the split second I picked up the pie to throw it at Mark, at the split second I was about to do the bravest – albeit the more derivative- thing I had ever done [...]

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Tigers What are we now but voices who promise each other a life neither one can deliver not for lack of wanting but wanting won’t make it so We cling to a vine at the cliff’s edge. There are tigers above and below. Let us love one another and let go. -Eliza Griswold This has [...]

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books I’ve read lately, June 2011

I’m a reader, and always have been – my childhood best friend has memories of playing with my little sister during playdates because I would just want to sit around and read books, and she hadn’t learned how to read yet. Lately I’ve been so slammed with work that I haven’t been reading as much [...]

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