Get Sh*t Done

Oh hey. If you’ve been following along closely, you’ve probably seen that I’ve been occasionally writing over at A Practical Wedding for the last year or so about logistical wedding planning topics. The lovely team over there and I decided to make it into a regular gig, so starting this week you’ll be able to find me there every other week, with a regular series we’re calling:

I actually majored in Creative Writing and studied (and practiced) journalism in college, so writing regularly again feels nice (even though I may have told Maddie that “I don’t really consider this writing…”) The hope is that it will be a way to help a lot of people figure out their way through wedding planning, especially people who aren’t working with professional planners, and to that end my angle is generally offering advice for weddings that don’t have a ton of professionals working at them (because hopefully if you’ve hired professionals they already know these things!)

You’ll be able to find the whole series here in the future (and can click over now for the first piece – on set up and break down.) Happy planning!

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