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cloud collectors

I’ve long loved Paul Octavious‘s work, and I’m really digging this print he put in his shop a few weeks ago. dreamy, no? image: Paul Octavious

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Yay New York Tote Bags!

Oh, the marriage equality totes are here, and they are awesome. I’ve been carrying mine around since Monday, and it’s kind of my favorite new thing. And they are selling out super quickly, so get yours while the getting is good. shop here. photo of Meg & me sitting at a bar in fancy shoes: [...]

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back from workcation

Things have been crazy lately – I’m getting ready for a SUPER busy August and September, as well as for Yay New York!, tickets to which are going on sale tomorrow! But I got to spend last week working from the beach, which was as much of a vacation as I’m going to get until [...]

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Tigers What are we now but voices who promise each other a life neither one can deliver not for lack of wanting but wanting won’t make it so We cling to a vine at the cliff’s edge. There are tigers above and below. Let us love one another and let go. -Eliza Griswold This has [...]

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giant gold balloons

I think that giant mylar ballons make every party better, so when working on the plans for a graduation party I did this weekend, I knew immediately what the main decoration should be: Pretty awesome, despite the terrible iPhone pic, no? Everyone should probably see their name in giant inflatable letters at some point – [...]

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found baseballs

One of my favorite things about summer (if you’re not getting the picture, I really love every single thing about summer) is that it’s baseball season. I realize that a lot of people out there think they don’t like baseball, but let me tell you why you should give it another chance. 1) It’s played [...]

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party shoes

I used the excuse of not working at the wedding this weekend to break in* my new favorite party shoes. Gold + glitter + peep toe = love. They’re pretty much party-shoe perfection. The BCBGeneration Ariel Pump in gold glitter – I found they ran big, and ended up with a 1/2 size smaller than [...]

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on weddings, and perfection

I spent the weekend in Napa, attending* the wedding of a dear friend of mine from high school and her super fantastic British boyfriend husband. It was exactly everything that a wedding should be – totally and completely full of joy. And nothing else really matters. While everything at this wedding was beautiful, and organized, [...]

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yay weekend!

Wow, the week flies by when you’re working like a madwoman having fun. Things I loved in life this week include: amazing 75+ degree weather every day the explosion of roses my mom’s garden (above) work! lots of it, and for the most part really fun stuff. asparagus is in season, and I’ve been eating [...]

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